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Identity Resolution

Intelligent. Accurate. Fast. No restrictions.

Market-leading Search and Match Solutions

Input Management

Automated processing rates of over 90%
Incoming documents can be assigned directly, efficiently and reliably on receipt, regardless of whether the read results or databases contain unexpected errors. Error-tolerant and cross-field matching is performed even without keys or rules. Manual post-processing is reduced to a minimum and throughput time is significantly shortened.

Enterprise Search

Fuzzy searching with just one search field
In real-time. Flexible over all fields. Whatever the data volume. In the Auto-Suggest and on the result page. With suitable refining options. Comprehensively configurable. For optimal hit relevance and usability.

Data Quality

Demonstrably better matching & cleansing
Highly valid in a few milliseconds, with no preliminary data restriction using keys or similar methods, and error-independent. Whatever the source, whatever the field and completely cross-database.
   exorbyte in 3 minutes - watch video now (German)   

Superbly Effective

Identity resolution needs to be intelligent, accurate and fast. With no restrictions.
It is with exorbyte - the multiple award-winning supplier of MatchMaker, the powerful technology and platform behind all exorbyte search & match applications.
Designed for huge quantities of master data, MatchMaker is the world leader in the combination of error-tolerance, scalability, performance and customizability.

Made for Big Players

Federal authorities, insurance companies, ICT firms and more use exorbyte identity resolution software for demonstrably better productivity.

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