Identity Resolution

Input Management

Automated processing rates of over 90%

Incoming documents can be assigned directly, efficiently and reliably on receipt, regardless of whether the read results or databases contain unexpected errors. Error-tolerant and cross-field matching is performed even without keys or rules. Manual post-processing is reduced to a minimum and throughput time is significantly shortened.

Enterprise Search

Fuzzy searching with just one search field

In real-time. Flexible over all fields. Whatever the data volume. In the Auto-Suggest and on the result page. With suitable refining options. Comprehensively configurable. For optimal hit relevance and usability.

Data Quality

Demonstrably better matching & cleansing

Highly valid in a few milliseconds, with no preliminary data restriction using keys or similar methods, and error-independent. Whatever the source, whatever the field and completely cross-database.

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Thanks to Unique MatchMaker Technology

MatchMaker is the powerful technology and platform behind all exorbyte search and match applications
Identity resolution needs to be intelligent, accurate & fast. No exceptions. No restrictions.

MatchMaker can do just that. The technology thinks, searches and finds like a human – but dramatically faster, in much more complex configurations and with no serious key-based data restriction.

Designed for huge volumes of structured and semi-structured data, MatchMaker is the world leader in the combination of error tolerance, scalability, performance and customizability.

All of our products use MatchMaker technology. This platform approach allows products to be combined and applications set up for individual use cases, which means that every solution fundamentally offers benefits above the market standard:

—Extremely fast and accurate search & match
—Handles huge volumes of master or identity data
—Error-tolerant, language-independent & fully cross-field
—Keys and rules unnecessary but additionally available
—Hugely customizable & transparent
—Practically unlimited & very efficiently scalable
—Easily integrated into existing infrastructure

MatchMaker Features in Detail

Whether in the cloud, as a local installation or OEM solution, the performance and quality is always completely outstanding.

There are four crucial principles that make MatchMaker unique and versatile.


MatchMaker has the most powerful similarity algorithms at its disposal, and almost no restrictions on index size. And yet matches take just a few milliseconds, thanks to 64 bit technology, parallelization, multi-core use, multi-threading and highly efficient in-memory data provisioning.


The relevance of search and match results is always fully transparent. There are no ‘secrets’ to produce unexplainable results. This white box approach is essential for effective customization of ranking criteria etc. And makes MatchMaker the first choice for meeting the highest requirements.


MatchMaker can be easily customized to suit individual use cases, partly due to its many convenient configuration interfaces. It can be used as a monolithic system or as a distributed system with countless users (multi-tenancy) – making it ideal for cloud applications.


A wide range of algorithms, query types and functions are available, depending on requirements. These can be freely combined in order to develop high-performance applications. And all this is also in the cloud.