Enterprise Search

Error-tolerant real-time searching with just one search field

Flexible over all fields. Whatever the data volume. In the Auto-Suggest and on the result page. With suitable refining options. Comprehensively configurable. For optimal hit relevance and usability.

exorbyte Identity Search

Find identities quickly, easily & accurately, e.g. by name, date of birth or customer ID. Intelligent, language-independent single-field search for single & multi-word queries. Even if the search or database contain errors.

exorbyte Callcenter Search

Error-tolerant 360° search in real time across all integrated customer data, e.g. master data, contract data, invoices, quotes. Easy to connect to CRM & caller ID systems. With provisions for role concepts.

exorbyte Commerce Search

Intelligent shop search with strong merchandising functions (e.g. rankings, aliases, campaigns) that can be comprehensively configured via web console. Integrated into any shop system in minutes. For distinct gains in usability, conversions & sales.

exorbyte Website Search

Ultra-convenient searching in all content & documents on a website, e.g. PDFs. Fully error-tolerant, cross-field & always up-to-date. Content can be crawled, read directly from CMS & CRM systems, or entirely excluded.