Experience Fullpage Entity Detect with your own data

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Policyholders automatically identified in 92 % of cases. With 7,000 incoming documents a day. All from a simple inbox extension. One Day Proof - Request Now!

Live evaluation with your own real-life data & documents

Fast, informative and no need for integration. Get a valid estimate of the benefits:

Calculating the optimized identification rate you can expect
Determining the reduction in manual post-processing and ROI
Establishing a working setup for immediate implementation
Providing concrete suggestions for fine tuning and further optimization

All in just one day

1. Providing real-life test material
To obtain informative evaluation results on the same day, around three million records from the reference database and approximately 100 OCR letters or incoming emails requiring manual processing should be used.

2. Identity recognition
With no need for configuration work, each document is individually compared against the test index at a click, displaying the result: correct person identified, wrong person determined, or nothing detected.

3. Results analysis
The identification rate can be determined immediately. With a brief follow-up analysis, initial adjustments can be made to further increase the identification rate.

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