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For digital transformers and digital leaders: Data matching by exorbyte makes your data more valuable and the processes faster. Discover brilliant data performance.


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We are passionate about brilliant data performance for all processes. Incredibly fast, highly error-tolerant, accurate, and transparent for all data volume – that’s matchmaker, the matching engine from exorbyte.

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The turbo engine

for all processes

matchmaker improves the performance of data-driven processes many times over. High-performance means maximum speed for your processes and high quality up to perfect automation.
That's efficiency.


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Smart solutions

for data-driven processes


Efficient lead acquisition with external data

If you are looking for new customer potential in external data, matchmaker not only brings light into the darkness, but also saves cash. This way, you get fresh data in no time at all.

Duplettenbereinigung, Duplettenprävention

Duplicate cleansing and duplicate prevention

Lean goes faster: how to defeat duplicates once and for all and be automatically protected from unnecessary data load in the future.

Inputmanagement, Heroshot with BG

Intelligent acceleration of input management

Identify who you are dealing with and what reference data are available while digitizing a document. Speed up from zero to one hundred in milliseconds.


Strong compliance and prudent risk management

Stay on the safe side and protect yourself against fraud, illegal transactions, and money laundering. With intelligent data matching by exorbyte, you can identify risky business relationships at an early stage.


Address check and address validation

Only up-to-date contact data is valuable data. Protect your sales potential! Automated verification and validation processes secure contact opportunities and pave the way to strong customer loyalty.

Industry solutions

Öffentliche Verwaltung, Heroshot

Public sector

We are a partner in the digital transformation of public administration. Our mission: To create data transparency quickly and easily. For reliable service.

Branche Finanzwirtschaft, heroshot


Navigating safely and efficiently through Big Data and making decisions with a clear conscience: That is our offer for the financial industry – as customized as you require.

Versicherungen, heroshot


Work more digitally, faster, better. That's why we provide insurance companies with the fastest matching engine. For more efficiency and more trust.

Branche Versorgungsdienste, heroshot

Utility services

More successful with Big Data Volume. You supply your customers non-stop with energy, telephony, and internet. We ensure that you have all the data you need at all times.

E-Commerce, Heroshot


For a shopping experience that is fun: a shop search that quickly finds the right thing. Outstandingly exceptional. For special stores and online platforms.

A multi-tool for your data strategy

exorbyte is your operator for company-wide data transparency. Our unique matching engine helps all data processes up to speed. Consistently flexible, universal, transparent, and efficient, this multi-tool addresses the central issues of a good data strategy. Benefit from highly specialized knowledge and many years of experience in the efficient use of data.

The technology for every system

With solid indexing, intelligent algorithms, and modern methods of data analysis, exorbyte has developed a unique matching technology that understands data as fast and as smart as no other. The high-performance concept guarantees brilliant data performance for every data volume. Artificial intelligence meets transparency.


High performance

Not either-or, but always accurate and fast as lightning without data limits.

The concept


The core

All data at a glance, from all sources, immediately available at any time.

How it works


Performance details

Extremely fast, comprehensive and multidimensionally error-tolerant.

More benefits


Al & algorithms

Why matchmaker understands data better and finds it faster without compromises.

What's inside

The solution to your data problems

Distributed data

matchmaker merges the data from all systems into an in-memory index. Consider all data from all system for each query.

Heterogeneous data

matchmaker detaches data from its structure. Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data become comparable.

Incorrect data

matchmaker handles your data multidimensionally error-tolerant. Recognize all relevant data, despite spelling errors or incomplete information.

Different languages

matchmaker understands over 30 languages in an error-tolerant manner. View your data language independent of language and error-tolerant at the same time.

Increasing data volume

matchmaker is designed for Big Data. Rely on the flexible scalability of matchmaker performance as data volumes increase.

Gain performance straight away

Via the established interfaces, exorbyte’s matching engine can be connected to any data world. This allows you to quickly upgrade your IT and make the most of your resources immediately.

Get the smart

upgrade for your data processes.

Our solution experts will advise you on your data potential without any obligation. Learn how to use your data efficiently with intelligent data matching.


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