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Data is our world – their development, their dynamics, their potential. We are experienced data specialists in linguistics, data science, and programming, algorithm experts, and scientists who make data transparent and usable. Over 20 years, we have developed an excellent understanding of data and combined it in our matching engine so that you can be data-driven with the best performance.

Our Passion: One engine for all data processes. Universal, flexible, transparent, and efficient. With this engine, we want to create brilliant data performance for every application. Simply work with the right data at all times, without searching, without a doubt. Regardless of what your database is, our customized solutions will make your data more valuable and your processes faster.

Wide data expertise and a matching engine that makes data flow.

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Behind #teamexorbyte are 25 data enthusiasts. For questions, suggestions, or an exchange of ideas, please get in touch with these contact persons.

Ana Bertol Cobos, exorbyte

Ana Bertol Cobos

Head of Development

Roland Meyer, exorbyte

Roland Meyer

Managing Director

Regina Reichle, exorbyte

Regina Reichle

Human Resources & Finance

Julien Rioux, exorbyte

Dr. Julien Rioux

Deputy Head of Development

Jonas-Ritter, exorbyte.jpg

Jonas Ritter

IT Consultant

Sebastian Roth, exorbyte

Sebastian Roth

Head of Project Management

Thilo Torkler, exorbyte

Thilo Torkler

Head of Solution Consulting

Sven Ungruhe, exorbyte

Sven Ungruhe

Senior International Consultant

Mengyuan Xiao, exorbyte

Mengyuan Xiao

Computational Linguist

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