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The integration of matchmaker is very easy because the universal technology fits into every system. Are you ready? matchmaker is ready to go!

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Smart add-on
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Add performance in an uncomplicated way. This is what the universal indexing technology matchmaker stands for. Via REST or native interfaces, the engine is connected to your data world in just a few minutes. For the various data-carrying systems, matchmaker has APIs in six programming languages at the ready. This allows you to quickly upgrade your existing IT and use your resources much more efficiently: IT systems, personnel, and much more.

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Secure deployment models

In the latest matchmaker version, REST interfaces can be secured with a simple mouse click in the configuration. This encrypts all client-server communication via TLS 1.3 and optionally authorizes it with an API key. So you can be sure that requests and sensitive index data are only visible to the users whose eyes they are intended for. Of course, this applies to all deployment models.

You determine
the benefits that suit best for your

Flexible usage and scaling



Use matchmaker on servers in your own data center. Individual configurations for complex processes and continuous software operation included. You can flexibly optimize your processes.


Private cloud

Use matchmaker in your protected cloud environment. This will give you full control over the system at all times and allows you to manage your IT resources independently.


Software as
a Service

Use matchmaker in process-specific template configuration according to your needs via the web browser. In the SaaS model, you avoid the idle costs of permanent IT provisioning.


Container-based deployment

Use matchmaker in the Docker container system – for efficient operation of virtual IT capacities.

Find the usage model that fits your processes. Our solution experts are on hand to provide you with advice.

5 steps to go-live

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In a requirements workshop, you and the exorbyte project team define your requirements for data matching, process-specific matching strategies, general conditions, and outcome goals for software implementation.

Data analysis

Now it's the data specialists' turn: data scientists and linguists analyze your data. How is the data structured? How well is the data maintained? Are there any gaps in the data? The quality and structure of your data set the framework for optimizing your data processes with matchmaker.

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Matching concept

The exorbyte project team develops a custom-fit matching concept for your data processes. This concept takes into account the nature of your data and focuses on the best match quality in minimum query time.

Pilot project

The adjusted matching solution is integrated into a pre-production environment and made available to a selected group of users. Based on realistic test scenarios, the matching concept and configuration are fine-tuned. At the end of the pilot phase, the best matchmaker for your application is available.

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The tested solution is integrated into the real production environment. Our data experts accompany the company-wide go-live and ensure that matchmaker works reliably for you in permanent operation. All pre-defined processes now receive the relevant data quickly and securely via matchmaker.

Upgrade easily and scale flexibly

The integration in the backend of the systems or via web service makes matchmaker an ideal tool for fast optimization of data processes. With this add-on, any organization can immediately make efficient use of internal and external data. Complex system consolidations and data migrations are no longer a requirement for the digitization of business processes.

// Thilo Torkler, Head of Solution Consulting, exorbyte GmbH


Talk to our solution experts about your processes and test the matchmaker performance on your data.


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