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exorbyte commerce search is perfectly tailored to your shop. We design according to your wishes.

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Stab out! Break up with your default search function.

You probably already have a search function integrated into your store. But does it support your individual needs in terms of conversion and sales? And how satisfied are your store visitors? With exorbyte commerce search, the individual store search from exorbyte, your customers will quickly find all relevant results.

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We speak your languages.

exorbyte commerce search finds products independently from script and language. Read how the online shop zooplus makes it easy for shop visitors to find products in over 30 shops and 32 languages.

The success story of zooplus

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5 Stars for your online shop

The search is the central element for site visitors in the product search. Find something, they'll buy it. It's as simple as that. You can also provide your customers with search results for promotional items that are related or match the search term. For a quick orientation in the product range, the result list can be structured according to relevance and topic.


Smooth scalability

For large, structured data sets. Millions of data records are matched within milliseconds.


Genuine customer service

You have not just bought a standard package with us. Our search specialists design according to your wishes.



For example, we have features such as adverts within the auto-suggest that are not blocked by ad blockers.


Security and stability

Even if a server fails, be relaxed. Your search will be fully functioning even then.


Clear and fair prices

We put our cards on the table. Search queries are only counted when the product has been clicked.


Thanks to the JavaScript plugin, exorbyte commerce search is quickly and easily integrated into any shop system.

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Popular stores that trust our search


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The best shop search for zooplus

zooplus manages millions of search queries per year in over 30 shops and 32 languages with exorbyte commerce search.

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APONEO is one of the largest online pharmacies. They also rely on the exorbyte commerce search for the search in the store.

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With an intelligent, error-tolerant search in 150,000 articles, the online retailer BAUR sustainably increases the conversion rate.

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Sustainable and fair shopping is done on The Hamburg online shop relies on exorbyte commerce search.

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In the BioNaturel online store, visitors can find natural cosmetics and wellness products – thanks to the exorbyte commerce search always immediately, even with typing errors.

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HRS counts on fast and easy online hotel booking. That’s why HRS relies on exorbyte’s intelligent search function. Search and find worldwide in over 30 languages.

Let’s make your shop search an experience.

Our experts will show you how we can take your shop search to the next level. With the exorbyte commerce search, your customers will find all the products they are looking for and will be happy to come back.


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