Address verification and validation

New job, new passion, new future. Addresses are constantly changing. exorbyte preserves the value of your data over time so that you remain successful in the long term.

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Many errors
are home made

Most errors are accidental or result from time pressure: address data is incomplete; street names are outdated or even incorrect; street and house number are recorded in a field; postal codes contain number transposed or other errors; the address details are generally not post conform or are considered invalid.

Anyone who relies on intelligent address checking when creating data records saves unproductive processes. Experience has shown that a lot of 'bad' data has already accumulated in the databases. For sustainably high data quality, exorbyte relies on a fast update of the address data and the continuous validation for each data entry.

The solution

Automatic address maintenance

Detect, validate, and correct

Detect, validate, and correct address errors as quickly as possible and as easily as possible: matchmaker checks all entries in contact databases directly against current reference databases. Data consolidation from your systems is not required.

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Precise, farsighted, global

matchmaker attributes all data records to validated address data. Even international addresses become post-compliant in no time. The specialized engine finds every incorrect entry in the database.  Speed, precision and a comprehensive view make matchmaker the leading matching technology for master data.

A solid future

To keep your master data up to date, matchmaker supports your employees in creating new contact data with smart auto-suggest. When entering the first letters, the matching engine suggests already validated address data. With matchmaker, you have your address data under control once and for all – completely automated.

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Global address competence


Evaluate errors in a differentiated way

Relevant hits instead of false hits. matchmaker finds for good reason. Because precision and recall count.


Search across fields: the FlexForm

matchmaker views data regardless of their assignment to form fields. So, everything is found, no matter in which data field it is.


Search in different languages

matchmaker understands over 30 languages. Romance, Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic scripts, and more.


Search across

matchmaker checks all the systems you integrate – CRM, MDM; SAP; ORACLE; salesforce, etc.

Further data processes

matchmaker optimizes for you


Efficient lead acquisition with external data

If you are looking for new customer potential in external data, matchmaker not only brings light into the darkness, but also saves cash. This way, you get fresh data in no time at all.

Duplettenbereinigung, Duplettenprävention

Duplicate cleansing and duplicate prevention

Lean goes faster: how to defeat duplicates once and for all and be automatically protected from unnecessary data load in the future.

Inputmanagement, Heroshot with BG

Intelligent acceleration of input management

Identify who you are dealing with and what reference data are available while digitizing a document. Speed up from zero to one hundred in milliseconds.


Strong compliance and prudent risk management

Stay on the safe side and protect yourself against fraud, illegal transactions, and money laundering. With intelligent data matching by exorbyte, you can identify risky business relationships at an early stage.

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Benchmark for company data: B2B reference database

For beDirect, data quality is a top priority: The address specialist continuously matches millions of data using exorbyte technology. The reference database guarantees valid B2B data, including history.

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