Compliance and
risk management

For your security and the fight against fraud and white-collar crime: Identity resolution with matchmaker identifies risky business partners at an early stage.

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Unforeseen fines and losses on receivables can put unexpected strains on your finances. Intelligent data matching works against this. Protect yourself with preventive risk management and bring stability to your financial planning.

Effective risk management focuses on prevention. You should detect suspicious cases at an early stage. That’s why matchmaker starts data matching at the point of data entry. Thus, you use your resources efficiently and sustainably.

Risk prevention through data matching

matchmaker checks your entire data and external risk lists. A search query is all it takes to receive instant confirmation of potential risks. Cover all risk areas with your data matching.

Money laundering

Money laundering affects everyone! To conduct business in a legally secure manner, you must continuously and carefully check your business partners. Don’t waste any time detecting suspicious cases at an early stage as soon as the data is collected.

PEP- and sanctions lists

Can you determine the current PEP status of your business partners on an ad hoc basis? The Money Laundering Act requires the PEP status to be checked. Our data matching ensures security through a global comparison of all risk lists.

Fraud management

Fraud is always in season. What can cost private companies their existence also causes enormous losses on the government side. With intelligent algorithms, matchmaker immediately uncovers suspicious identity data.

Internal blacklist

You should remember defaulting payers! Internal blacklists has proven to be an effective means of protecting against renewed payment defaults. Matching data with matchmaker on a regular basis protects your resources – best done automatically upon receipt of each order.

Experience how accurately matchmaker finds data.

Compare apples with oranges


Challenges in the global data check

The linguistic hurdles in matching international data are particularly diverse. Divergent data structures and formats must first be harmonized for data reconciliation. This process, which often involves several steps, is time-consuming, a Sisyphean task that at the same time raises many questions. Questions that require exact answers to reliably check any risks.


Uncertainties that complicate data reconciliation

Is the spelling correct?
Are other spellings possible?
What is the first name? What is the last name?
What language is that in general?
Which transcriptions exist?
How to compare different name structures?

A smart solution for a difficult data base

Independence of language and structure

Multilingual databases with different data structures appear like apples and oranges at first glance. In this difficult database, matchmaker plays out its superiority brilliantly. The indexing approach of exorbyte solves data structures. Thus, in the "exposed" data, error-tolerant algorithms find any similarity between the query and reference data, even if they are apples and oranges in shape.


Transparency of complex data volumes

Focus on the right contacts. We take this decision for you.

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Ländertypische Verzeichnisse

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Ständige Aktualisierungen

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Rudimentäre Daten und Datenfragmente

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Natürliche Dynamik
von Daten

Ready for business

Qualify your contacts and sort out risky contacts easily. With matchmaker, you always know whether your business partners are on risk lists or not. Any number of data sources can be included in the check, including your own lists. e.g. customers with whom you no longer want to enter into a business relationship due to bad debts or incompatible values and principles.

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Ready for future

matchmaker takes over the data comparison against all reference data fully automatically – as a comprehensive overall check in a batch procedure or simultaneously with the entry of a new data record. Get a reliable answer about whether your data matches entries on critical lists. This way, you can secure your organization against risks of money laundering, fraud, and illegal business at all times.

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A smart data strategy that drives transformation

exorbyte is your experienced partner for efficient data processes from input to output. In 5 disciplines, we create the conditions for successful digital transformation and automated value creation.

Inputmanagement, Heroshot with BG

Intelligent acceleration of input management

Identify who you are dealing with and what reference data are available while digitizing a document. Speed up from zero to one hundred in milliseconds.


Efficient lead acquisition with external data

If you are looking for new customer potential in external data, matchmaker not only brings light into the darkness, but also saves cash. This way, you get fresh data in no time at all.

Duplettenbereinigung, Duplettenprävention

Duplicate cleansing and duplicate prevention

Lean goes faster: how to defeat duplicates once and for all and be automatically protected from unnecessary data load in the future.

Pro Arbeit, Projektbild

The basis for the decision on the granting of state benefits

To ensure the responsible allocation of state aid, the municipal job center in the Offenbach district created a clean database and optimal access to benefit recipients.

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