Find new customers with external data

matchmaker by exorbyte quickly and easily finds the contacts that contains new customers potential. This way, you will get fresh data for successful lead acquisition.

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No more trouble with hidden duplicates. Simply get to proven new addresses quickly. That means: only pay for contacts you don’t know yet.

Intelligent data matching
with matchmaker



matchmaker quickly generates a data index from all external and internal data, which allows fast matching – no matter the data volume and structure of the data.


One Index

  • All data of all systems
  • Any number of data sources
  • Multiple data structures



matchmaker finds all related data sets, even if the data does not formally look the same. The smart algorithms are not misled even by the usual data errors.


Intelligent matching

  • Error-tolerant
  • Independent of languages 
  • Independent of field assignments



matchmaker filters data that contains real potential. Compliance criteria, legal or sales-specific characteristic – you define the relevant matching parameters.


Real potential

  • Considering blacklists
  • Recognizing families
  • Recognizing households

Experience the matchmaker performance live.

Reliably match millions of data

in no time at all.

In our projects for companies of different sizes, it has been shown repeatedly that matchmaker release unexpected potential when matching external and internal data. On the one hand, the customer recognizes the interesting contacts in the fully automated process and certainly filters duplicates and critical contacts. On the other hand, matchmaker achieves these improved results in a fraction of the previous process runtime. Its fast algorithms, multi-dimensional error tolerance, and high hit quality are true efficiency drivers.

// Sebastian Roth, Head of Project Management, exorbyte GmbH

We solve these problems

Speed, volume, reliability

Increasing data volumes slow down your data matching?
The effort of data preparation increases with the number of data sources?
Harmonizing data structures takes several days?
Clustering according to the target group-specific criteria requires experienced personnel?
Often not all data is found?


21, 22, done.

KPIs for more success
and efficiency


Contacts with customer potential 


Clean database without duplicates



Minimal costs
for data purchase



No wastage in marketing campaigns


More benefits that enrich all data processes

Further data processes

matchmaker improves and accelerates

Duplettenbereinigung, Duplettenprävention

Duplicate cleansing and duplicate prevention

Lean goes faster: how to defeat duplicates once and for all and be automatically protected from unnecessary data load in the future.


Address check and address validation

Only up-to-date contact data is valuable data. Protect your sales potential! Automated verification and validation processes secure contact opportunities and pave the way to strong customer loyalty.


Strong compliance and prudent risk management

Stay on the safe side and protect yourself against fraud, illegal transactions, and money laundering. With intelligent data matching by exorbyte, you can identify risky business relationships at an early stage.

Inputmanagement, Heroshot with BG

Intelligent acceleration of input management

Identify who you are dealing with and what reference data are available while digitizing a document. Speed up from zero to one hundred in milliseconds.

bedirect Logo mit Hintergrund

Benchmark for company data: B2B reference database

For beDirect, data quality is a top priority: The address specialist continuously matches millions of data using exorbyte technology. The reference database guarantees valid B2B data, including history.

We advise you individually.

Talk to our solution experts about your processes and your requirements. We will show you how to optimize data matching and get the best out of external data for efficient lead acquisition.


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