Pillars of a smart data strategy

exorbyte is your experienced partner for efficient data processes from input to output. In 5 disciplines, we create the conditions for data-based value creation.

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Fast data availability

The data available to you determine the quality of your decisions. The more relevant data you have available and the better the data quality, the better your decision.

Transparent data view

Staying on top of ever-increasing data volumes and being able to take action requires that your processes have direct access to the data they need at all times. With each passing day, your data base becomes more diverse. To ensure your process performance, your search technology must scale flexibly.

Cross-sectional technology for all processes

The networking of all data is a key to smart processes. An engine that makes data usable has an accelerating effect on all processes as a cross-sectional technology. But there are strong differences in the performance of search engines. Speed, hit quality and scalability are crucial for efficient solutions. The matchmaker technology from exorbyte has proven these requirements countless times in direct comparisons. With matchmaker, you establish reliable data availability company-wide. 

One engine for all data processes

Sustainably efficient

Data at the push of a button – how the entire business performance benefits from intelligent data matching.

Precise data matching

Data is dynamic by nature. That is why automatic data matching is one of the most significant pillars of a good data strategy.

exorbyte has specialized in intelligent data matching for over 20 years. We offer not only exceptional technology that can cope with data errors of all kinds but also extensive data expertise for specific matching processes in individual business units and industries.

matching solutions


Compliance and risk management

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Lead acquisition with external data

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Duplicate cleansing and prevention

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Address verification and validation

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Top data quality, a long runner

Data quality requires continuous attention. Therefore, measures to strengthen data quality must be considered sustainably to make this permanent task efficient.

Instead of just cleaning up the data chaos now and then, exorbyte protects your database from quality loss. You then detect duplicates already during data entry and validate incorrect address data fully automatically!

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What data quality can do

Driving digital transformation

Free up resources

Improve process quality

Increase process efficiency

Reduce business risks

Boost value creation

Valid and available? At any time? Company-wide?

Do the data check! We check your data performance without obligation.

Smooth data integration: Get it digital

For fast processing of inquiries, complaints, orders, and other correspondence, you need digital data. To ensure that all input from the various input channels is immediately available throughout the company, the combination of digitization, data extraction, and data matching provides the best working basis for customer orientation and productivity.

Solutions for smooth data integration


Smart acceleration of input management and digitization projects

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Data consolidation for complex information systems

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Strategic and convenient

exorbyte's matching engine is preconfigured for selected enterprise capture solutions. As a partner of experienced system providers, the exorbye team supports the automation of specific data processes and the setup of a consistently sustainable data strategy.

Technology partners for integrated processes

Meeting data diversity with open arms

The data input never corresponds to your data structure. Unstructured data often meets structured data. If you use different information systems, the data in them is structured differently. Instead of converting your data step by step into a uniform format, harmonizing languages or structures of source systems one after the other, with the matchmaker engine you immediately unlock the potential of your data from any number of sources.

Leverage the full potential of data with comprehensive tolerance

Experience a relaxed, goal-oriented user experience: also rely on tolerance when it comes to data structures. Work concretely with the data content, independent of an assignment to data fields. exorbyte's indexing technology resolves data structures. In addition, exorbyte combines several algorithms for different types of error tolerance and blazing fast computing power in one engine. This matching engine paves the direct way to your data.

Take advantage of a smart data strategy.

Talk to our solution experts about your processes. We will show you the potential that your data offers and how all processes can benefit from it.


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