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Data matching by exorbyte sets the standard for efficient working with data – today and in the future.

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Availability and reliability of data

Globally networked data volumes and increasing risk factors are the challenges of today. exorbyte supports you with high-performance data matching. This ensures that your data is consistent and gives you a trust advantage in the digital age.

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Multi-tool for efficient use of data

Our matching technology is unique worldwide, combining the highest speed and best reliability in searching, matching, and detecting data. Recognize identity data accurately and securely despite incorrect or incomplete records. Identify risks and fraud attempts, such as money laundering or identity theft, at an early stage. Create security and transparency for your processes.

About the technology

100% trust: 

the compliance check

exorbyte’s matching engine provides an error-tolerant understanding of global data that is language-independent and detached from data structures. It allows you to check personal data quickly and securely, reduce risk and gain confidence in your data.

Solutions for compliance and risk management

All data at a glance

and under control

Find distributed data across different systems and use all relevant data for your processes fully automated. exorbyte’s matching engine supports the central pillars of a future proof data strategy that drives digital transformation.

Drive digital transformation with a smart data strategy

More solutions

for your data governance

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Error-tolerant data search in tax offices

More than 5,000 German tax offices use matchmaker to search for tax identification numbers in the central database of the ITZBund. The error-tolerant search supports fast processing.

Inputmanagement, Heroshot with BG

Intelligent acceleration of input management

Identify who you are dealing with and what reference data are available while digitizing a document. Speed up from zero to one hundred in milliseconds.


Efficient lead acquisition with external data

If you are looking for new customer potential in external data, matchmaker not only brings light into the darkness, but also saves cash. This way, you get fresh data in no time at all.

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