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The technology: solid indexing and highly specialized algorithms combined with advanced data analytics. Get to know matchmaker and its mission.


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High Performance Data Matching

Not either-or, always thorough, and fast, without data limits: The best matching algorithms in one engine and a 64-bit architecture guarantee high performance.


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matchmaker builds an in-memory index from all data. A team of specialized high-performance algorithms – led by the Levenshtein algorithm – works on this index. High Performance Matching is created by combining the best algorithms and parallelizing their work output.


exorbyte is committed to comprehensive data analysis without compromises, because data transparency requires reliability. This means that the engine considers the entire data set. Matching is data-driven – without limiting the amount of data and prematurely interpreting the query.


matchmaker understands your data like no other, with multidimensional error tolerance in over 30 languages. The engine considers all possible errors – formal, phonetic, and semantic. matchmaker reads crossfield or form-independent to find everything that is similar and could be relevant.

One index.
The point of

The indexing technology enables the parallel performance of the Search & Match processes in the back-end of your data-carrying systems. For you, this means: You use your systems as before. Updates within the data sources are available for all processes a few milliseconds later.

Indexing saves a lot of effort. Multi-stage procedures for homogenizing data structures and time-consuming system consolidations are no longer necessary. matchmaker relentlessly delivers precisely the data you need for your tasks, always according to the current status of all systems.

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Backend power

One technology for all basic processes in dealing with data.
matchmaker searches, compares and extracts data from your data sources.


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performance parameters



matchmaker makes data available from different systems and sources at lightning speed. Milliseconds are the measure here – even for Big Data.



Intelligent algorithms and the combination of multiple entity attributes ensure the highest accuracy – even with poor data quality.



Using numerous parameters and the integration of specific rules and directories, you can individually adapt matchmaker to your internal processes, specifications, and goals. Optimize your processes continuously.


data hub

matchmaker merges the data of all systems into an in-memory index and guarantees data availability for man and machine.



More efficient processes pay off. With matchmaker, you reduce process costs and risks due to fraud or wrong decisions.



As an add-on, matchmaker is quickly integrated into any system landscape. The connection is made in the back-end of your applications or in the case of the web service via the cloud. APIs are available in all common programming languages.

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Confidence in finding and not finding

As an indexing technology, matchmaker considers all data without exception. Every search query is executed as a comprehensive search, without using filters or blocking to limit the data volume for simplification. Thus you can be sure: What matchmaker does not find, it is not there.

Artificial intelligence or what?

For 20 years, exorbyte's Search & Match solutions have benefited from methods of traditional Artificial Intelligence and many years of expertise especially in dealing with huge amounts of data. Modern methods such as Machine Learning are gaining more and more importance in our intelligent solutions. The principle of transparency is inviolable for exorbyte. Smart services should save the user valuable time and do so sustainably, securely and traceable at any time. Every machine decision made by matchmaker can be recorded and reproduced.

Levenshtein at its best integration

The intelligence that matchmaker uses to make decisions is a package of the most powerful algorithms, led by the Levenshtein algorithm. Character by character, word by word is matched. A way of working that removes all doubt, but for a long time it took too much time. In the matchmaker technology, the Levenshtein is implemented in a worldwide unique way, allowing millions of data to be reliably searched in milliseconds: exorbyte has taken the Levenshtein algorithm and the error-tolerant matching to a top performance that is second to none.

matchmaker 7

Even faster to deploy. Even easier to scale. matchmaker 7 comes to you in a Docker container. Discover more features of the 7th generation.

Perfect Match

matchmaker unlocks the full data potential and makes even bad data fit for automated processes. In this way, matchmaker creates the data basis for AI. Because AI only unfolds its promising performance potential with good data. If you can't use your data correctly or not completely, you are not in a good position for AI. That is why matchmaker and AI are the perfect match for automated data processes.

// Ana Bertol Cobos, Head of Development, exorbyte GmbH


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