Accelerating input management

It’s faster and easier! Identify during the digitization of your incoming mail who it is about and what data is available on the subject.

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Next level automation

Instead of running the processes one after the other, matchmaker allows you to run these processes virtually in parallel. matchmaker only needs milliseconds to securely match input data with various internal and external data sources. Switch to multi-tasking mode and benefit from further advantages of the smart matching engine


Reduce cost processes significantly

matchmaker ensures a dark processing rate of over 90%. Even with a poor database matchmaker achieves excellent automation rates.


Combine safety and efficiency

Simultaneously with the digitization of the input or with the receipt of the digital file, you can reliably detect all identities and classification criteria, even if data contain errors.


Avoid risks

Find out in real-time where compliance-relevant aspects or other risks are affected. You can incorporate internal and external data sources into the matching process.


Create a sustainably valid database

matchmaker can cope with errors in the input data and your database. Coupled with matching against validated address data, you strengthen your data quality sustainably.

Smart input manager

Allianz AG, Germany

30 million documents by post per year. 600 million reference data on persons, claims and contracts. Find out what challenges Allianz AG faced and how exorbyte optimized automated input management.

Success Story

Central Statistics Office, Ireland

The National Statistics Office of Ireland has been using matchmaker since 2016 as the standard technology for the automatic recognition of the relevant data in the census survey forms.

Success Story

CorVel, USA

For its customers in the insurance industry, the risk management service provider automatically matches over 1.5 million invoice documents against 15 million data records every month.

Experience how matchmaker speeds up and enriches your input management.

Convenience for all involved


For your customers

Regardless of whether your customers communicate with you analog or digitally, their requests reach their destination immediately. You can respond as quickly as possible. That is good service and customer appreciation.


For your employees

Your employees benefit from more reliability in the process chain. They get a comprehensive data view through matchmaker, which enables them to make faster and better decisions. This pushes motivation and performance.


For your company

Intelligent input management increases the efficiency and productivity of your processes. Digital, data-driven value creation makes your company strong for the future. That is sustainable in every respect.

matchmaker effect

Optimization of reliable identity recognition in the inbox of a health insurance company by matchmaker:

input-management: before-after comparison

The fast
performance upgrade

matchmaker fits into any system. You continue to use your applications as before. The engine works in the back-end and links the data of all systems you want to include for processing. The reading technology you use for digitizing documents is irrelevant for matchmaker. matchmaker works together with your applications as a cross-sectional technology.

For your optimal matchmaking configuration, exorbyte analyzes the quality of your database, the quality of the digitized data, and individual specifications for the automated process chain. Based on this, exorbyte's data experts configure the best matchmaker for your input management.

Solutions examples and further

Allianz AG, Projektbild

Identity resolution in the Allianz AG inbox

Allianz receives more than 30 million documents by mail every year. With matchmaker as the central search technology, the insurance company speeds up the process from inbox mail to processing.

Partner Heroshot

Technology partner for integrated performance

matchmaker is available pre-configured for selected enterprise capture solutions. In addition, specialized industry technologies work with exorbyte's matching engine. This is how you optimize integrated processes.

Statistische Erhebungen digital verarbeiten, Projektbild

Digital processing of statistical surveys

For the analysis of the Irish census survey, we optimized data capture via OCR and established free-text search in the digital data in real time. A big project of smart technologies: scanning, capturing, matching.


Address check and address validation

Only up-to-date contact data is valuable data. Protect your sales potential! Automated verification and validation processes secure contact opportunities and pave the way to strong customer loyalty.

Duplettenbereinigung, Duplettenprävention

Duplicate cleansing and duplicate prevention

Lean goes faster: how to defeat duplicates once and for all and be automatically protected from unnecessary data load in the future.

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