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Designing digital administration processes securely and efficiently

Laws such as the Online Access Act (OZG) and the Register Modernization Act are urging federal, state, and local governments to upgrade digitally. According to the OZG, citizens and companies must be able to access all administrative services digitally, quickly, and securely via online portals by the end of 2022. And we say: Solid data management and intelligent use of all existing data set the course for a modern, digital administration. exorbyte supports public authorities in tapping the data potential and using it smartly.

What's on the table?

Applications, benefits, re-registrations – the list of administrative processes is long, and the amount of personal data is enormous. However, the core process behind it is often similar. Master data must be assigned to a person quickly and securely in order to allocate benefits, check identities, and much more. To prevent multiple payments and to detect critical cases, an intelligent solution based on the EFA principle (one for all) is required.

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We will show you how good your master data is and how you can make better use of your data.

We make your data base fit for the digital future

With our solutions, you can use your master data efficiently, overcoming system breaks and possible deficiencies in data quality. Our technology is unique in the combination of maximum speed and the best reliability – even in millions of data. The error-tolerant algorithms allow fast finding, clean allocation, and reliable recognition of master data in business processes.

Data transparency for public authorities

Entering case processing with secure results from the person search: exorbyte demonstrated in a pilot project how the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) achieves security in handling foreign personal data with the help of an error-tolerant similarity search.

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[...] an enormous gain in security and reliability for our case decisions and the persons concerned themselves.

// Michaele Golbostan, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

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data governance


Strong compliance and prudent risk management

Stay on the safe side and protect yourself against fraud, illegal transactions, and money laundering. With intelligent data matching by exorbyte, you can identify risky business relationships at an early stage.

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Intelligent acceleration of input management

Identify who you are dealing with and what reference data are available while digitizing a document. Speed up from zero to one hundred in milliseconds.


A smart data strategy that drives transformation

exorbyte is your experienced partner for efficient data processes from input to output. In 5 disciplines, we create the conditions for successful digital transformation and automated value creation.

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