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Billing center in the field of health insurance reduces manual rework by 50%.

matchmaker manages 3.75 million search queries per month in best time.

Initial situation

The BKK Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen checks accounting documents of more than 150 health insurance companies with a total of more than 7 million members. Each affiliated health insurance provider regularly sends its complete database of insured persons to the billing center. This is automatically searched for the insured person's master data as part of the verification process.

If a record is not found, the health insurers receive the data back and have to reprocess it manually. An improved master data search should increase the hit rate to reduce cost-intensive manual post-processing.

Over 150 health insurance companies with more than 7 million members.

Task and requirements

The search technology should be able to handle a query volume of 3.75 million queries per month. At the same time, the response time should not exceed a maximum of 400 ms. In addition, the post-processing rate was to be significantly reduced.

Benefits of using matchmaker


Highest performance

Unlimited scalability

Smart search

Incremental update

Easy customization

Efficient resource management

matchmaker is a high-end search technology, which is particularly suitable for large databases and high query loads. Due to the error-tolerant search, matchmaker is able to identify master data unambiguously, even in the case of incorrect search queries or incomplete data. This can also significantly reduce manual post-processing.

Reduction of manual effort

All requests from insured persons, approx. 3.75 million per month, are processed at the BKK billing center in Emmendingen using exorbyte matchmaker. As a result, the post-processing effort has been significantly reduced, for example by 50% in the KV billing department (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Abrechnung – Association of Panel Doctors Billing). This means that with around 45 million queries per year, the number of post-processing operations has been reduced from approx. 900,000 to approx. 450,000.

Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen is a full-service provider in the field of health insurance billing and an expert for the entire billing and data management. Innovative and high-quality services focus on customer requirements. The company currently employs more than 500 people. Over 57 million prescriptions are processed annually by more than 11 million insured persons. The billing center handles a total volume of over 4.2 billion euros for around ten percent of all statutory health insurance policyholders.

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